Quality Management System

Your Quality Management System (QMS) is the first place a GMP auditor will ask to see upon inspection. The key with QMS is to “say what you do and then do what you say”. This means that your QMS must document the processes used in your facility and additionally demonstrate that staff are following those documented procedures (by ensuring that there’s relevant documentation proving that they are).

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Natural Health Product Licensing

The Canadian regulations for vitamins, minerals and other natural health products are one of the most strict regulations worldwide, and can be confusing to those who want to export their products for sale into Canada.

At Eadcor, ensure  your products are compliant with all requirements of Health Canada’s Natural Health Products and Non-prescription Drugs Regulations  so you can get your products to the Canadian market as quickly as possible.

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Health Canada’s Food and Drugs Act provides the regulatory framework for the registration and market of pharmaceutical products in Canada.

Find out more about reducing the lengthy and complex pages of the regulations through our 14 years of experience in advising companies on compliance for their products and save time and effort when planning your next project.

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We have the practical experience and know-how to assist with product registrations and natural health product compliance in Canada. Our licensing service for natural health products can help you eliminate regulatory barriers quickly and efficiently to eliminate delays in time to market for your drugs, cosmetics and natural health products. Take advantage of our Health Canada expertise and take the guesswork out of international registration of dietary supplements.


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